Would love too, but the money and the time are two things I don't have. Basically, the city I live in, or at least the area I am located is full of kids who think they're gangsters, or bro dudes who like to fight. Hi, what are the knife laws for Toronto? If ever there has been an everyday carry knife that proves a low price doesn’t necessarily mean a … Good luck. It makes a great fishing knife, and thanks to the size and weight you can carry it pretty much anywhere, including … We have enough stupid laws, lets not make fake ones on top of it. From what I understand; Bad: switchblades, push daggers, knuckle-duster knives, flick/gravity knives, concealed knives, butterfly, etc. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I have thought about that too. It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon (of any type) on your person. Do they put first time offender misdemeanor in jail? As a craftsman with an eye for detail, I guarantee you will be receiving a knife that is high quality, functional and durable as well as beautiful. If, however, you bought a knife that is a "Prohibited Device" (i.e. I guess I am one step ahead of him. Some places (like a courthouse or airplane) may have rules, … On-duty police officers can carry handguns. I know you're not supposed to have them on the bus to Brandon, Manitoba. It is also illegal to carry any such knife to a public gathering. You will end up getting injured by yourself or someone else. In fact it is entirely reasonable that if you are overwhelmed by a crowd or a larger individual that you may use a weapon to defend yourself. In any case, combat is the last resort. I saw a very pretty Swiss army knife and it has a lot of awesome features. Nous devons tous être fermes dans notre position contre le racisme et la violence. There are no limits on length. However, a prosecutor may be able to argue in court that a small pocket knife was carried for a "purpose dangerous to the public’s peace" or in order to commit a crime. Where do you live that you keep getting jumped for no reason? Even though assisted-opening knives are not prohibited by the federal government, you cannot carry assisted-opening knives, or any others, into areas where knives are generally prohibited, such as courthouses, federal buildings, schools and airports. That way if questioned you can always show them the card and add some legitimacy to your story. Thank you. But like...if I miss...I am doomed. The round hole in the handle makes it easy for you to draw the knife but also holds the knife in place when not in use. 8 Folding Knife. Why You Shouldn’t Carry a Knife. if you do get one, get a shiny blade its a psychological detterent . Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. (b) to prevent anything being done that, on reasonable grounds, he believes would, if it were done, be an offence mentioned in paragraph (a). I personally think you should learn a martial art instead. I've been told about Krav Maga many times. The answers to this question really bother me. If the knife can be opened by gravity it is also prohibited. SOG’s knives are fast, light, and affordable. What would you do if you called the cops on your screaming neighbor, and the cops inform you that nobody has lived there for months? Knife laws in Canada why I carry a knife. consider the criminal code regarding "aggravated assault", "assault with a weapon", "assault with a deadly weapon", "manslaughter", etc. ESEE ES4PMBDE-BRK Model 4. Good luck. problem is the laws are left open for the "arresting officer's judgement". IANAL - You do have a right to self-defence in Canada, you are allowed to stop an assault with a proportionate amount of force, however it is a long and expensive road and I hope you know a good (expensive) lawyer. I posted about judicious use of force in r/martial arts here. You can use this little thing on all kinds of daily tasks around the house, and a few more out in the bush, although I’d rather not count on it for survival. There are allot of good Krav Maga, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai schools in Ontario. In short, regardless of how small it is, you are not allowed to carry any knife into the cabin of a plane. I am not sure how carrying a knife will give you more time to run away. PLUS make friend with martial arts/boxers folks and get them to watch your back. Can a male get sent to a female prison and bang all the inmates? This means if you’re caught with a knife that’s concealed on your person while in a location you don’t require a knife to be used as a tool, you may be in for a bad time. There isn't really a length law, that is just a myth, you can walk around with a sword if you want. The SOG Flash II Tanto is a … There is still some good news, though. You can legally buy a assisted opening sog flash 2, but in a cops eye, its a switch blade... which it is... but its badass . Well first of all, if you are caught with a weapon of any kind on the bus you can get in serious trouble. The guys at the store will explain more, but as I've been told by the clearly reliable "dude at a random store" source, it's legal to carry to protect yourself from animals, just don't say you had it to use for self-defence, etc. Thank you. Sounds like a real class city. Black people apparently want to defund the police. if you wish. Press J to jump to the feed. I use my knife every day (and did just minutes before logging on here). The new rules prohibit assisted opening knives, automatics and any manual knife that can open by centrifugal force from entering Canada. They are prohibited or not depending on the means by which they are opened (mechanically, gravity or … So currently, the answer is yes you can carry a knife in your pocket, provided it isn’t one of the banned types of knives mentioned in the law. If you hold the lock bar on your pm2 and it flops open that is ok as you have to maniplate the lock, but if you can hold the knife and flick it open without manipulating a lock bar or flipper tab it is prohibited. I'd have your mom or dad phone the police and ask them for advice. After that, there is no problem no matter what people are carrying. Call the cops or something. Every style of knife Florida law has defined to be legal qualifies for open carry. Of course, if you're in the habit of putting your pocket knife in your pocket, there's a good chance you'll forget and end up walking through security. You should not be afraid to walk down your own streets because of the losers who think they own them. If there's any loopholes that work (like it's only used as a "tool") or anything. Any knife can become a ‘dangerous knife’ and create the risk of a criminal conviction even in the absence of criminal conduct on the part of the possessor. You cannot conceal it if it is your intent to carry it as a weapon, but the vast vast majority of people don't carry them to stab folks. utility knife, hunting knife WHEN HUNTING, etc… You are allowed to check a knife in your luggage. If you’re strapped for time, or for some other reason you can’t use one of the above options, you could simply leave your knife at airport security. Anyways, for a while, I wouldn't go out at night, or if I did, I'd make sure I'd be sleeping where I went, and I'd be paranoid all the time. Don't carry a knife. Opinel No. Why are badges and guns so important compared to anything else cops have. One of you (either yourself or somebody else) is going to end up dead and somebody's going to jail. Long story short, if you are unsure about why you need a knife just don't bother. On the other side of that argument, I could effectively use pauleankidd3's 3" blade to dispatch a person. Using a knife to defend yourself when you know nothing about it is just plain dangerous/reckless. I'm not some big ass mouth dude who starts them, every time it has just been walking by, they yell shit, I say small things like "cool" or whatever, and they escalate it, I believe everyone knows the people I speak of. What You Can Carry Anything other than the above. In this case, even possession of a … But Lazenby, a retired Mountie who was working as a bylaw officer in the Foothills district, south of Calgary, was believed to be unarmed. Watch the video above as Const. Using anything as weapon against an unarmed attacker makes you the aggressor by law. Attaching a knife to a utility belt is considered in “plain sight,” while Florida courts have ruled placing a pocket knife in a shirt pocket means “partially hidden.” In Florida, you must display a knife in “plain sight” for it to qualify as open carry. wow ... this guy has to be the dumbest person I have ever met ... if you can't handle yourself in hand to hand with them ... you will get yourself stabbed if you brandish a knife, keep your mouth shut and get used to running. get a bike, they can't catch you if your on a bike. I still am. It is perfectly legal to carry a knife in your vehicle. What about in my backpack? Aisha by far is the better answer, but do not listen to anyone if they don't accurately cite the Criminal Code or Firearms Act. Favorite Answer There are no length requirements for knives in Canada. Still have questions? The general rule I live by is if I'm using a knife for a "tool" and not a weapon I'm gtg. And the only kind of knife that you can actually carry is one that only has a blade not more than 3 inches long. I pretty much assumed this was the answer though. I've been debating getting one simply for protection or to give me enough time to run away, but there's also the factor of it getting used against me. The laws are obscure. As for length I think 4-6cm. But I also don't require a 16" blade to cut rope. However, without the proper training, you will most likely get yourself stabbed. It is not always illegal to bring a knife or a firearm into Canada via the US-Canada border.However, the rules and requirements surrounding bringing a knife into Canada are very strict – if you do not follow them or declare a knife or other weapon properly, you could be arrested or denied entry into Canada. You can visit a Canadian Tire and buy 20 boxes of steak knives, pocket knifes, camping knives, etc. It's just a bad idea. Simple possession of a legal knife is not a crime in Canada. SOG Flash II Tanto. What would happen if I peed on the floor at Gamestop? … you will get in trouble. Krav Maga is a far better option. Can I carry a knife in my pocket and walk down the street? With the experience that only 35 years of perfecting a trade can bring, you know these knives will perform well and give you many years of enjoyment. Okay OP. En tant qu'êtres humains, nous devons tous continuer à faire mieux universellement: Continuer à luttre contre le racisme et la discrimination partout. If you carry a fixed blade it must not be consealed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That being said, DON'T just take it, get some sort of basic self-defence training. A knife is a bad idea, get some pepper spray or find another way home. Find the Canadian criminal code website and read through the sections on defense of person, defense of property, and weapons. So I just wondering if there are any laws that protect or prohibit you from carrying any sort of bladed weapon. Both groups seem to have targeted me multiple times and I have been in the hospital for random fights multiple times as well. Good: non-prohibited folding knives, fixed blades. A quick outline of concealed carry when it comes to Canadian knife laws. Now that we’ve seen the types of knives you can and can’t carry in Oregon, let’s talk about whether you should carry a knife in your pocket. I,m from the Kawarthas just N.E of Toronto..Used to drive Transport and have spent a bit of time in Texas.No one in Texas knows I,m from Canada unless I tell Them.Same colour and same style of dressing and same way of talking.I pick up Your accent without any problem so You would have a hard time thinking I,m not a American from Texas or the Carolinas .Whats Canada all about?Weave a different way of doing things .Although many of Us do own Guns and Rifles You will never see anyone carrying one unless it,s Hunting Season and then You will only see them while We are actually huntingWe frown on Racial Discrimination and anyone who does Discriminate is told to change Their attitude pretty quick.Does,nt mean it nevcer happenws but it,s not something We want promoted.We have a lot more persons of different cultures than You have and We try to get along .Our Beer is better .Even You say that.Because We sure do sell a lot of Canadian Beer in Texas..In many ways We are somewhat different but in many ways We are alike.You need to visit and see what We are all about but You better have about 6 months because We are a big country .Around here Texas is not all that large a place .We could hide Texas in Ontario a few times over .As You like to say Cmon down Yall and have a lookaround. As humans we must all continue to do better universally: Continue to advocate against racism and discrimination in our communities, whether online or our neighbourhoods. If anyone knows anything about the laws about carrying one, using one in self defense, and other notable information, it would be greatly appreciated. I personally think you should learn a martial art instead. The confidence, and mental toughness you will gain from those is way more then a mere pocket knife will give you. If you escalate with a knife, its likely the next time you're confronted, your assailants will now be armed as well. Can I go on the subway? After the Grayhound incident, I am considering buying a pocket knife for protection. What do you do when your stuck at a grocery store with no transportation home? The confidence, and mental toughness you will gain from those is way more then a mere pocket knife will give you. SOG. Favorite Answer there is no law prohibiting the carrying of knives in general in Canada. Some places (like a courthouse or airplane) may have rules, but you can walk down the street with a good ole buck 110 on your belt or in your pocket and it's perfectly legal.